DHT Conversion

Hair Loss and the DHT Conversion Link

There has been a lot of research into the different reasons for hair loss. This research has focused not only on what causes hair loss but also on how hair loss can be reversed. Much of the research has been focused on what hormones might be responsible for hair loss and how to counteract these hormonal interactions. Researchers understand that it is a complex process but if they can find the correct hormonal markers, they can reverse the hair loss process. One of the hormonal interactions they have discovered is DHT conversion.

What is DHT Conversion?

DHT is shorthand for Dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone occurs naturally in the body and is a natural byproduct of testosterone. DHT is created by testosterone reacting with the 5α-reductase enzyme and the process by which this occurs is known as DHT conversion.

The DHT conversion process occurs naturally as it comes into contact with the 5α-reductase enzyme. At younger ages the body is able to convert testosterone to its different byproducts in proper amounts for whole body function, but as the body ages, it starts to favor forming DHT more and more. This leads to a buildup of DHT in the body.

Researchers are continuing to examine the different possible effects of too much DHT in the blood. Enlargement of the prostate and hair loss are two conditions they have related to excess DHT, but are continually looking for other conditions.

Why does excess DHT cause male pattern hair loss? While there is a lot of research left to do into the specifics of Dihydrotestosterone conversion, it is theorized by researchers that the excess DHT hormones floods the system and causes the body to reduce hair growth and even begin to lose hair as a natural defense.

How to block DHT Conversion

Excess DHT in the body can cause at least two health conditions that afflict many men and it's presumed that continual research may uncover other negatives associated with high levels of DHT. It's clear that blocking DHT conversion is important. If the DHT conversion is slowed down then less of it will be produced by the body and many of the negatives should be muted.

There are products on the market that will help block DHT conversion and one of these is Procerin. You can learn more about it on their website, www.procerin.com. Procerin has an interesting approach that includes not only blocking DHT conversion but also blocking DHT from binding to the hair follicle receptors. This dual prong approach works to reverse hair loss. They include a topical solution that helps to maintain proper scalp health which can help encourage new hair growth.

Blocking DHT conversion is looked upon by many researchers as a way to reduce hair loss and cut the link between DHT and hair loss. If you are suffering from the effects of too much DHT, now is the time to learn more.

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