Dihydrotestosterone Baldness

What Causes Dihydrotestosterone Baldness?

One of the interesting things about DHT related hair loss is that it is incredibly treatable, but only if you are able to prevent an early - before the hair loss gets out of hand. If you wait too long, there is a very good chance you are going to experience Dihydrotestosterone baldness. Dihydrotestosterone baldness is when the hair loss has gotten way out of hand due to a complete lack of treatment earlier.

The only reason Dihydrotestosterone baldness is permanent is if you have decided to not treat your hair loss even though it was incredibly obvious that you were about to suffer from a great deal of hair thinning and hair loss. That is because before these hairs fall out permanently, they thin a great deal. The onset of Dihydrotestosterone baldness only occurs after thinning has occurred for very long time. Thus the only way that you would experience Dihydrotestosterone baldness is if you purposefully ignored the visible areas of your scalp and decided not to do a treatment right away.

Not Waiting

That is why it is so important not to wait to treat your hair loss. If you treat your hair loss early, you can save the hairs, because you can remove the DHT and allow your hair follicles to start receiving the nutrients that they were unable to receive because of the Dihydrotestosterone.

Catch the hair loss early enough and it can be not only stopped but reversed as long as you are willing to start taking a DHT blocker right away that will prevent Dihydrotestosterone baldness from occurring.

You want to start taking a natural blocker, however - one that can essentially prevent Dihydrotestosterone baldness right away but also without any side effects - because you want to make sure that you are both:

  • Stopping the production of DHT right away.
  • Able to take the treatment safely so that no side effect can cause you to want to stop doing the treatment.

Only then can you ensure that you will be able to avoid Dihydrotestosterone related hair loss because only then are you going to be able to both treat the DHT and make sure that you continue to use the treatment.

The safest and most effective treatment for Dihydrotestosterone baldness is a product known as Procerin. Procerin is combination topical and nutritional supplement treatment that is effective at preventing hair loss quickly, with zero side effects.

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