Dihydrotestosterone Causes Hair Loss

Learning How Dihydrotestosterone Causes Hair Loss?

Hairloss is one of those awful, ugly things that if you leave it unchecked can quickly start to cause problems for you in the future. All the same, it"s not a medical problem, but a cosmetic problem, so finding out what causes it and how you can effectively and more importantly safely treat it is vital. So, the most important thing you can know right off the bat is that Dihydrotestosterone causes hair loss.

Now, what does that exactly mean? Dihydrotestesterone or DHT is a chemical that is given off by your body when certain enzymes start to break down testosterone, which all men have. For this reason, hair loss which results from DHT is the cause of hair loss in 92% of males and does not appear in females in the same way as it does in males.

Solving the DHT Problem

Now that you know that Dihydrotestosterone causes hair loss, what can you do about the problem? This is where you need to start researching your various options, and learning how exactly the hair starts to fall out when it happens.

First of all, your hair does not merely stop growing. In fact, the hair growth process is a complex one in many ways. Your hair grows because of follicles which solicit the growth. When the follicles themselves fall out, the hair can no longer grow back, but up until that happens, you can restimulate hair growth. The fact that Dihydrotestosterone causes hair loss makes it so that you can target the exact cause of that hair loss, the breakdown of your hair follicles due to DHT. When you do this, you not only stop future hair loss, you set up your body to effectively start regrowing new hair, which is of course your goal.

Getting Around the Fact that Dihydrotestosterone Causes Hair Loss

There isn"t much you can do about genetic factors that make your hair prone to fall out. But, when it does start to fall out, you can start seeking out the all natural methods that are being used to combat that hair loss head one. One such method is through the use of a safe, all natural hair regrowth formula such as Procerin. If you are suffering from hair loss or afraid you might soon, you would do well to check out Procerin and see what benefits it can offer.

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