Dihydrotestosterone Cream

For men who've started to notice thinning hair, getting help as soon as possible is key to stopping male pattern baldness before it has time to progress too far to reverse completely. While the right dihydrotestosterone blocking help can be key to maintaining healthy hair for someone with male pattern baldness, it can be difficult to determine whether it makes more sense to go with a dihydrotestosterone pill or a dihydrotestosterone cream. Making the right choice when starting hair loss treatment can increase the chance that baldness will be stopped effectively.

Considering Dihydrotestosterone Cream

For men trying to avoid side effects and going to a doctor, over the counter dihydrotestosterone cream blocking solutions and foam blocking solutions may seem like the best answer out there. In many cases, these creams can actually help fight hair loss and encourage a man's scalp to start growing healthy hair again. Unfortunately, the internally produced dihydrotestosterone can't really be completely stopped with a simple cream, and there will be no way to provide new hair with the essential nutrients used to keep it strong and healthy. Creams can play a part in fighting male pattern baldness, but they do not stand up well alone.

Are Prescription Pills Better Than Dihydrotestosterone Cream?

Many people looking for a solution may turn to prescription pills instead of over the counter dihydrotestosterone cream. While pills that work internally provides much better blocking help that a man can get with a scalp application alone, prescription blockers have their own set of issues that make them less than ideal. Since prescription dihydrotestosterone blocking pills work by effecting a man's testosterone directly, they can often cause unwanted sexual side effects that make them worse than the actual balding for many men seeking treatment. Without a topical cream, they also don't tend to show results that are quite as dramatic immediately, though long term hair retention prospects are better.

Try A Multifaceted Solution

The ideal solution for male pattern baldness involves using something that includes both internal help and external help without any of the side effects of a prescription. Procerin is designed with both an internal dihydrotestosterone blocking supplement that can also provide a man with nutrients for new hair growth and an external dihydrotestosterone foam application with all of the benefits of a good dihydrotestosterone cream. Since Procerin blocks the enzyme that works with testosterone to create dihydrotestosterone instead of blocking dihydrotestosterone directly, it has none of the unwanted sexual side effects associated with prescription drugs.

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