Dihydrotestosterone Function

The start of hair thinning needs to be addressed quickly in men to keep permanent male pattern baldness from occurring. For any man that notices the start of thinning hair, a receding hair line, or the beginnings of a bald spot, understanding how dihydrotestosterone function is associated with male hair loss is key to stopping male pattern baldness in its tracks. Read on for information on what dihydrotestosterone is supposed to do, what it does in adult men, and how to fight it safely.

Original Dihydrotestosterone Function

When a male baby is originally conceived, dihydrotestosterone function is actually one of the key pieces to making sure that embryo turns into a healthy baby boy. Dihydrotestosterone is responsible for many of the embryonic and fetal growth stages that are key to making a baby male. Once that baby is born, the dihydrotestosterone left in his system is relegated to a few minor functions that can be managed with a very small amount of the hormone for the rest of his life. The male body is only supposed to create more dihydrotestosterone in small amounts slowly over many years in order to manage these simple functions.

Dihydrotestosterone Function in Adult Men

In an adult man, there really isn't any dihydrotestosterone function left that needs new amounts of the hormone. Unfortunately, for some men dihydrotestosterone can keep on building up at a fast pace indefinitely due to a genetic issue providing a simple enzyme that tells the body to keep creating dihydrotestosterone from normal testosterone. Because all that extra dihydrotestosterone is sitting around in the body with nothing to do, it builds up in the scalp and starts attacking hair follicles in a pattern that many men will recognize as male pattern baldness. Without something to stop the dihydrotestosterone buildup, male pattern baldness will eventually leave a man with no way to regrow hair in areas where it has been lost.

Fighting Dihydrotestosterone Safely

There really isn't any dihydrotestosterone function that an adult male needs, so fighting it can stay high on the list when combating male pattern baldness. While there are prescription drugs that fight dihydrotestosterone through changing testosterone in a way that creates sexual side effects, the only truly safe way to stop dihydrotestosterone buildup without side effects is through the use of a natural system that blocks the enzyme used to create it. Procerin blocks the enzyme used to create dihydrotestosterone directly, stopping male pattern baldness without causing impotence and other unwanted sexual side effects. Procerin's completely natural two part system provides multifaceted relief by stopping dihydrotestosterone buildup in the scalp both internally and externally.

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