Dihydrotestosterone Hair Loss

3 Types of Hair Loss

There are a number of different types of treatable hair loss that you may suffer from. All of them, while treatable, involve different types of treatment, which is why it is important to know what kind of hair loss you are suffering from. The most common types include:

  • Nutrition Based
  • Stress Based
  • Dihydrotestosterone Hair Loss

Nutrition and Stress

While very different, nutrition and stress related hair loss are very different than Dihydrotestosterone hair loss for one main reason: You do not need to treat them right away, and you will still be able to grow your hair back.

Stress can cause your hair to fall out simply because it alters your body chemistry. Too much stress, and your body will have a hard time processing the proteins and amino acids that your hair needs in order to grow correctly. To treat this, you need to be less stressed, either by removing yourself from a persistent stressful situation or by using some type of stress reduction method.

Nutrition related hair loss, on the other hand, can be treated simply by providing your body with the nutrients that it needs to grow hair. This can include a number of different items, but vitamins B-6 and zinc are good examples of vitamins that your body needs that you do not always get from food. Too little of those vitamins, and there is a good chance your hair will not be able to grow.

Hair Loss due to Dihydrotestosterone

Dihydrotestosterone Hair Loss is different - with that type of hair loss, you can treat it when you notice it early (ie, when your hairs start to thin) but if you wait too long and your thinning hairs become inexistent hairs it is actually no longer treatable because after the follicle dies, the hair will be permanently removed by your scalp.

So it is important to get rid of Dihydrotestosterone hair loss as early as you can - as soon as you see it. It is possible to treat safely, so there is no good reason to delay starting some type of treatment, because there are no risks if you do. There are, however, so many risks to allowing your Dihydrotestosterone hair loss to continue, that the choice is obvious.

So for those looking to solve their hair loss problems, try to start taking some type of treatment to stop Dihydrotestosterone hair loss as early as you can, in order to avoid any permanent problems. The best product for that can be found at www.procerin.com.

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