Dihydrotestosterone Side Effects

The Known Dihydrotestosterone Side Effects

Anyone that finds out that they have high levels of Dihydrotestosterone in their body is going to want know what this is going to do to them. Is the DHT safe? Is it necessary? What happens if the levels of the hormone go untreated?

Dihydrotestosterone Side Effects

Many people wonder what the Dihydrotestosterone side effects are. Scientists are continuing to find links to everyday problems with men that have high levels of DHT and their body, but many of these results are still being studied. One thing that is known about Dihydrotestosterone side effects is that preventing them, by using some type of treatment that removes Dihydrotestosterone from your body, does not cause any other health problems, so getting rid of DHT in order to avoid the Dihydrotestosterone side effects is always a good idea, even though not all of the side effects are known yet.

Known Side Effects

There are, however, two well known Dihydrotestosterone side effects that anyone suffering from high levels of the hormone will want to avoid. One of those is prostate cancer, which has been highly correlated with high levels of DHT. It is not yet known how DHT causes or is linked to prostate cancer, but the correlation is there.

In addition, the other one of the well known Dihydrotestosterone side effects is hair loss. Almost everyone that has high levels of Dihydrotestosterone is going to suffer from hair loss. That is because of DHT, with nothing to do in your body, binds itself to the roots of your hair and blocks them from receiving the nutrients that they need on a regular basis in order help your hair grow not only efficiently, but at all.

Both of these two Dihydrotestosterone side effects can have a significant impact on your life if they go untreated. When it comes to hair loss, not treating it is the primary reason that the hair loss caused by DHT becomes permanent. When it is treated early, DHT related hair loss can be stopped and reversed. But when one decides not to treat it and let sit get out of hand the result is that all of the hair loss that occurred is going to be permanent.

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