Effects of Dihydrotestosterone

The Primary Effects of Dihydrotestosterone

No one wants to suffer from hair loss, which is why when anyone starts a notice that they are losing their hair they often seek a medical specialist in order to determine the problem. While hair loss can come from a variety of different sources, if you"re young, especially between the ages of 20 and 40, there"s a good chance that your hair loss is due to a hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone.

Assuming this is the case, it is very likely you would like to know what the effects of Dihydrotestosterone are.

The Effects of Dihydrotestosterone

Not all of the effects of Dihydrotestosterone are well known. We do know that DHT, as it is often called, is very important when you"re in your mother"s womb. Afterwards, however, it is unclear what DHT is still doing your body even though development is generally over.

However, we do know there are a number of effects of Dihydrotestosterone that are negative - as in, things that would be better if Dihydrotestosterone was no longer present in your system. These effects of Dihydrotestosterone are the primary reason that when you are found to have high levels of this hormone in your body, many doctors recommend treating it.

2 Well Known Effects of Dihydrotestosterone

There are two especially well known effects of Dihydrotestosterone. The first effect is, of course, hair loss. The DHT, with very little to do in your body, ends of binding to the follicles in your scalp, preventing them from receiving the nutrients that they need in order to stay healthy. That is the primary cause of hair loss.

The other effect of DHT is that it has been linked to prostate cancer. Like all cancers, no one is completely sure what mechanism of the hormone is actually causing the cancer, but people with high levels of DHT have been more prone to get prostate cancer later in life.

Those two reasons are why so many people seek treatment in order to avoid the effects of Dihydrotestosterone. While there may be beneficial things in a person"s body the DHT does, thus far none of these beneficial things have been noticed and no one that has been able to remove DHT from their body has had any negative consequences are side effects which implies that whatever DHT does, it can be replaced by other hormones that your body also creates.

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