Lower Dihydrotestosterone Quickly

How You Can Quickly and Easily Lower Dihydrotestosterone?

Are you starting to lose your hair? If so, that"s a shame. The last thing anyone wants, especially at a young age is to start looking as though they are twenty years older. You might be afraid of losing confidence, your physical attractiveness or any appeal you may have to the opposite sex. However, none of these things have to be the case because hair loss due to DHT does not have to be permanent. There are plenty of ways to lower dihydrotestosterone and make sure your follicles don"t fall out.

Why Would You Need to Lower Dihydrotestosterone?

This is a question a lot of men ask when they are told that the best way to stop hair loss is to lower dihydrotestosterone. The reason for this is that this hormone, also known as DHT is what causes 92% of hair loss in men to start with. It is linked in many ways to a genetic predisposition, but unlike many genetic issues can be tackled head on and treated effectively if caught at an early phase.

The reason you need to catch hair loss early though is that to effectively lower dihydrotestosterone and reverse hair loss, you need to do it while your follicles are still in place and alive. As the DHT acts on your follicles, it will kill them off by depriving valuable nutrients. When the nutrients fail to get into the hair follicles, they will fall out and as soon as that happens, your hair can never grow back naturally.

What Works to Lower Dihydrotestosterone?

This is another very popular question and one that there are a number of good answers to. You can find a wide array of medications on the market that will do this. But, keep in mind that these medications all come with a number of side effects that can cause things as severe as a sharp decline in sexual activity and functionality. Natural herbs however, such as Saw Palmetto and Ginseng will work to lower dihydrotestosterone without causing adverse side effects and the results are just as good if not better.

If you"re interested in lowering your DHT levels and blocking your hair loss for good, you should check out Procerin, an all natural product that works with your body to block DHT, stimulate regrowth and not cause any adverse side effects. This is a product that all balding men should give a look to before they do anything else. It"s safe and it"s been proven to work.

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