Lower Dihydrotestosterone

Reasons to Lower Dihydrotestosterone Quickly

When you are between the ages of 20 and 40, and you find out you are suffering from DHT related hair loss, you are going to want to start to lower Dihydrotestosterone levels as soon as you possibly can. In general Dihydrotestosterone is completely treatable. As long as you lower Dihydrotestosterone early, you will be able to see all of your hairs grow back and all of your weakened hairs become stronger again.

However, what happens if you try to lower Dihydrotestosterone after you have become significantly bald due to failing to take a treatment early enough to see a difference?

Lower Dihydrotestosterone Now

It is extremely important that you lower Dihydrotestosterone as soon as you can. The reason is because DHT, as it is often referred to, is known to prevent your hair follicles from receiving the amino acids that they need to stay alive. Your hair follicles are like a living creature and without any nutrition, this living creature can die. Once your follicles of died they can never be reborn and they will never grow in that space again.

One good thing about your hair follicles is that they do take a very long time before they will die. They will soak up as little nutrition as they possibly can so they can stay alive and start to grow your hairs again.

But if you do not lower Dihydrotestosterone time, eventually the DHT will completely take over the follicle, they will not be able to receive any nutrients, and the follicle well end up succumbing to hunger and die.

That is why people become completely and permanently bald, even though DHT is technically treatable. Luckily, as soon as you start to see that your hairs are thinning, or in the early stages of your hair loss, as long as you lower Dihydrotestosterone you should still be able to save your remaining hairs and maybe even some of the hairs that you already lost. It is, however, very important that whatever treatment you use to lower Dihydrotestosterone be use right away, and that it be effective equally quickly.

One of the only natural ways to lower Dihydrotestosterone is a product known as Procerin. Procerin is effective enough to lower dihydrotestosterone quickly so that you can still not only keep all of the remaining hairs that you have but also help some of your hairs that still have a live follicle grow once again.

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