Procerin to Reduce Dihydrotestosterone

For many men, hair loss is a complete and total mystery. When thinning begins to happen, many men are completely baffled about what might be causing it. Most of the time, though, male pattern baldness - or androgenic alopecia - is to blame. This condition is incredibly common among men, and it is the main culprit behind male hair loss. The basic cause behind male pattern baldness is a compound known as dihydrotestosterone - or DHT. Dihydrotestosterone is produced by an interaction between testosterone and the 5AR enzyme. When levels of DHT go up, telltale signs of hair loss begin.

Keeping Dihydrotestosterone At Bay

There's no doubt about it: dihydrotestosterone is a very tricky problem. After all, the interaction that causes it is a natural one that is complex and complicated. For years, scientists and researchers puzzled over how to keep levels of DHT at bay in men in order to ward off male pattern baldness. Most of the time, their efforts were met with little in the way of actual results - until the 5AR enzyme and its role in the dynamic came into focus. The interaction between the 5AR enzyme and testosterone is what the hair loss treatment called Procerin is the most concerned with.

Procerin: Blocking Dihydrotestosterone

Many hair loss treatments either completely disregard the information concerning male pattern baldness, or approach it in ineffective ways. Sometimes, medications are geared toward reducing existing levels of DHT; those treatments invariably fail, since once DHT is present it goes to work on hair follicles right away. Procerin's ingredients work to stunt the effects of the 5AR enzyme, preventing it from ever reacting with testosterone in the first place. That way, dihydrotestosterone never has the opportunity to get going; male pattern baldness that already exists is pared back or eliminated, and new cases of it are prevented.

A Natural Way To Combat Male Pattern Baldness

One of the biggest problems with medications that are geared toward fighting dihydrotestosterone is that they invariably cause a laundry list of unpleasant side effects. Procerin is all natural; none of its ingredients will cause or trigger unpleasant or dangerous side effects in the men who use it. Instead it will simply work through its oral supplement and topical serum to keep levels of dihydrotestosterone at bay while creating a prime environment for new hair to grow back. It's a win-win situation for men who struggle with hair loss. For more information about Procerin, visit

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